Bill Curry







Bill Curry was sensational in his delivery to my national sales force. His comments and insights resonated with each member. Bill related real life stories and experiences to demonstrate the qualities of leaders and what it takes to win.

Jim Terry, VP
Nat'l Sales, Coca-Cola N.A.

It was clear that Bill Curry's words were not just things he had read or heard. They were his real life experiences. As he continued to share his thoughts on teamwork, I could literally feel a change come over the room.

Kareim R. Cade, Attendee
Colonial Leadership Conference

Whenever I am responsible for finding a speaker who will inspire an audience to do more for others, to be better citizens, to stand up for justice, Bill Curry is the person I call on. He speaks to the heart of his audience.

Rich Lapchick, President
Nat'l Consortium for Academics & Sports

Thank God for Coach Curry. I absolutely LOVE this man. I am an African-American woman, and I applaud Coach Curry for addressing the important but complicated issue of the racial divide in our country.

Mariame Kaba
Chicago, Illinois

I have been coming to this event since 1980, and I do not recall such a powerful speech. You could have heard a pin drop! I feel privileged that I was able to be in attendance.

Bob Kelly, Board Member
Indianapolis Oldtimers

Your anecdotes and humor added a refreshing dimension to both an inspiring and motivating subject. Everyone in attendance enjoyed you tremendously and went away with new information and inspiration.

Nicholas Thomas, Chairman
Imperial Athletic Committee
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

As a keynote speaker, you would not find a stronger communicator than Bill Curry. I knew within five minutes of meeting him that he was the right person to speak to our 5,400 member sales organization.

Michael R. Slade, Sr., President
NaviTech, Inc.

I remain so impressed by your profound ability to articulate your thoughts into words and relate through analogy and example. You were truly enlightening.

Kristen Fischer

As I listened to Bill Curry, I was awestruck. He is the entire package in a speaker. Not only does he command the attention of the room with his engaging and captivating style, but he has a wealth of knowledge and experience that make his words and messages come alive.

Dr. Sara Hickmann
NFL, Manager of Player Development